Amateur Radio Licensing

Are you interested in taking a Ham Radio License Test and get your Ham license?
Are you in need of finding a place to upgrade your Ham License to a higher class?

Maybe we can help!

Treasure Valley has Examiners.
Although they are not affiliated with Treasure Valley Radio Association. An independent group of volunteer examiners (VE’s),  are available to assist you.  The tests are given by a team of qualified VEs who donate their time to help the amateur radio community grow.

There are three classes of Amateur licenses, Technician, General and Amateur Extra Class. Since February 23, 2007 the FCC removed the requirement for Morse Code from all classes of licenses. All exams are made up of a selection of questions taken from a set of approved question pools. Amateur license study material is available at “”.

Another scource is;

The exam pool questions and answers are available at several web sites on the internet to assist you. A search for “practice tests for amateur radio” will locate many sites to help you prepare to take the exams.

If you are ready to test for an amateur radio license or you wish to update your current license to a higher classification, please contact us.  you need to bring 2 forms of identification, with at least one being a photo ID. If you are updating your Amateur license to a higher classification, you need to bring a photocopy of your existing license. Bring a pen and/or pencil with eraser and you may bring a calculator but memory must be erase of all formulas, possible test answers, etc.

Important Announcements

Anyone Interested in studying for a ham license test should read this message! The ham license question pools are updated every so often. Please ensure that the study guide you are using is up-to-date for the latest question pool. Using the incorrect study guide could cause you to fail the license test. Good Luck!

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